The 3rd International Conference on Education and Social Science Research” (ICESRE) is intended to provide a place for researchers, educators, teachers, scientists, practitioners in the field of education and social sciences to share their research results. Scientific research will be useful only if it is accessible to the public. To serve this purpose, this conference launches with a theme:“Social engineering through the dissemination of research in education and social sciences to support education policies in the context of Asia Pacific society”
By making research results public, we can hear new findings and information to expand our understanding of the world and to achieve educated global society through this dissemination of knowledge. If you are one of those researchers who wish to be heard, you are invited to participate in this webinar. Enlighten our communities, colleagues, government officials, and education practitioners on the importance of dispersing your research. Support the policy makers by enabling them to create research-based policies which will advantage the public, society, and academia.