Call for Papers

  1. Authors are requested to submit an abstract via the conference system by 31 August 2023. The abstract must contain the following section: introduction, purpose, method, results, main findings, implication, and keywords. The abstract must be no longer than 200 words.
  2. [IMPORTANT] Authors must create an account and “Login” to submit the abstract. The submitted abstracts will be selected for presentation. The manuscripts (full papers) should be submitted only after the abstracts are accepted. The paper must be submitted a week before the conference day (30 September 2023). The papers should be written in English and must be between 4 to 6 pages.
  3. Submission of Abstract and Full Paper
    [IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must create an account. Then, they can submit the abstract by logging in to their account. The manuscript (full paper) can be submitted only after the authors submit their abstract. To guarantee smooth administration, the whole submission process is done fully online (NOT by email). Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and Letter of Invitation (LoI) can be downloaded directly from your account once your abstract is accepted to be presented at the conference.
  4. Description of Review Process
    The conference will employ a rigorous review procedure. On the website, a call for papers will be announced. Participants will be required to submit an abstract. All abstracts will be evaluated, and only a few will be accepted. Authors whose proposals are chosen must submit complete articles. Guest editors will determine which papers are eligible for peer evaluation. Selected papers will be reviewed anonymously. One reviewer will evaluate one paper. All of the reviewers will have prior expertise with either journal article publication or reviewers. If revisions are necessary, the paper will be returned to the authors. In such a case, authors are required to revise their paper based on the reviewer’s feedback and resubmit it to the conference system. The process of peer review will consist of three stages. An editorial meeting will determine which article can be published in the proceeding to conclude the procedure.